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Private Insurance


Many insurance policies provide coverage and reimbursement for durable medical equipment (DME). The PediaLift is considered durable medical equipment and is covered by insurance as long as the member is eligible for DME benefits and medical necessity can be conveyed.


PediaLift, LLC. can submit a claim to your insurance to assist with funding your PediaLift. In order to submit to your insurance, we will need to compile a complete funding packet for submission.


Funding packet forms:


Additional required items that must be signed by your Physician:


After verifying eligibility through your insurance company, we will submit an entire funding packet for prior authorization. Depending on the response from your insurance company, we will either submit a claim for payment or appeal an unfavorable decision.   

Submit your completed funding packet by email, fax or mail:

PediaLift, LLC.

181 Illinois Ave S

Mansfield OH 44905

fax: 888-805-9060

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