How it works

The PediaLift Crib is specifically designed for disabled parents and is easy to use!

Operating the PediaLift Crib™ is simple! Using and operating the crib can all be done one-handed leaving your other hand to stabilize yourself or carry your little one.


The wireless remote elevates the crib and unlocks the doors


With the PediaLift Crib™ in the raised configuration, disabled parents can unlock the sliding doors by simply waving the wireless remote in front of the door latch. The smart latch senses the proximity of the remote and unlocks the doors.


With the latch unlocked, the doors easily slide open using the stainless steel roller glides. The roller glides feature quiet operation designed to not wake your sleeping baby.

Safely transfer your baby


The elevated crib allows disabled parents to pull their wheelchair close to the mattress, slide their lap underneath the structure and then transfer the baby. The close proximity and height of the mattress creates an ergonomic way to safely transfer the baby.

Now parents with disabilities can safely manage their babies.
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