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Letter of Medical Necessity


A letter of medical necessity (LOMN) is an essential part of requesting a PediaLift Crib from your insurance company.  The LOMN should contain the factual information needed to clearly show the reviewer why the product is necessary to meet the medical needs of the person for whom the service is being requested.

In order to be effective, the letter of medical necessity should be written by a healthcare professional familiar with the requesting party's medical condition. The professional should briefly describe their credentials and relationship to the requesting party. This professional may be a physician, a nurse, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist or other medical professional. However, note that most funding sources require a physician's prescription as part of the funding request. Therefore, letters of medical necessity not written by a physician should be endorsed by a physician or accompanied by a physician's prescription.

Request Sample Letters of Medical Necessity

Our funding specialist can provide you and your healthcare provider with sample Letters of Medical Necessity from a variety of documents that we have compiled for different types of conditions (paraplegia, lumbar involvements, etc). We recommend contacting our funding specialists and obtaining a sample LMN that you can bring to your physician for reference purposes.  

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