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                              PediaLift® is the answer to crib access problems for wheelchair using parents.         *Patents Pending

PediaLift Wheelchair Accessible Crib
PediaLift Wheelchair Accessible Crib
PediaLift Wheelchair Accessible Crib
Low-to-the-Ground Design

While at rest, our design is low to the ground and looks like a regular crib. However, with the touch of a button on the wireless remote, the PediaLift Crib™ transforms into a Hospital-Grade wheelchair accessible crib specifically designed for the disabled parent.


Sliding Access Doors

With the PedialLift Crib™ in the elevated position, the front face of the crib opens allowing easy access to reach in and hold the baby. The undercarriage features an open air design, free of obstructions making it an ideal wheelchair accessible crib.

 Safe Baby Transfers

Disabled parents no longer have to reach over a high sidewall and risk becoming unstable. They aren't forced to transfer their baby with one hand. Finally, a wheelchair accessible crib that allows safe and easy transfers, with both hands on your delicate baby at all times.

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